Experienced Tile Installation Services in Billings, MT

Give your bathroom or kitchen new flooring

If you’re searching for a durable flooring option for a room in your home that’s exposed to water, tile is your best choice. VWC, Inc. offers tile installation services to enhance the appearance of any room in your home. 

An experienced contractor will talk to you about the right style, material and color of tile for your space. We’ll help you coordinate your grout and provide information about proper floor care. Contact VWC, Inc. today for professional tile installation in your Billings, MT home or business.

Learn about the various available tile options

Different types of tile offer different characteristics. We’ll go over all the options, including:

Ceramic, which is popular, strong and resistant to scratches
Porcelain, which offers design flexibility and strength
Travertine, which is a natural, porous stone
Slate, which can be used indoors or outdoors
Marble, which is porous and often used for most flooring
Granite, which is durable and more affordable than marble
Glass, which is often used for backsplashes and highlights

While tiling may look easy, you want to be sure everything lines up correctly. Get a durable, low-maintenance floor for your home by contacting VWC, Inc. today.